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Volume 100, Issue 12 - Comic Store News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter

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Volume 100, Issue 12 [May. 17th, 2014|03:41 pm]
Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter


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- nomadicwriter posted Ultimate FF #2 preview

Discussions, Questions & Recs
- snickfic posted recs: comics fic! (Saga, Young Avenger, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Ms Marvel).
- snickfic posted comics read: Black Widow, Loki, X-Force, Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe, Deadpool, Amazing X-Men.
- bowsie22 is looking for a fic where Batman gets turned into an actual bat and ends up in the Kent house.

- aether_sprite drew Steve/Tony fanart for the fic "The Crosses We Bear" (Rated PG-13)

- tarlanx wrote "Snow Fall". (Rated NC-17, Scott/Logan)
- mal_feasant wrote "the tower". (Rated PG, Steve/Tony)
- dragonofmemory wrote "No Black and White in the Blue". (Rated PG-13, Steve/Tony)
- laireshi wrote "everywhere, always". (Rated PG-13, Steve/Tony)
- plumadesatada wrote "Like Absinthe (I'll Always Come Back to You)". (Rated NC-17, Tony/Loki)
- psychicdreams wrote "To Melt The Snow" Part 17. (Rated R, Thor/Loki)
- del_rion wrote "The Untold". (Rated PG-13, Tony/Rhodey)

- dieastra wrote "How I met my father". (Rated PG-13, Thea Queen, Malcolm Merlyn)

Graphics and Fan Media
- bluemavor posted Marvel Movies icons in a multifandom icons post

Challenges, Contests and Comms
- salmastryon posted Cap/Iron Man Newsletter ending May 16, 2014
- ethalwyn is looking for a co-administrator for a X-Men RP forum
- caitn posted about a Post-Apocalyptic MultiFandom Fic Exchange
- somehowunbroken posted Author sign-ups for the 2014 DCU Bang extended!

If your post wasn't linked in today's comicstore_news, it may be because your header lacked information necessary for us to compile it. For fanfiction, we need a title, rating and either a pairing or character/s. For art, we require a rating and character/s. Check our user info for the kind of header we require.

Please leave a comment on this post with anything you'd like us to check out. To contact us regarding general comicstore_news questions or concerns or with information, please email comicstorenews@gmail.com.