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Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter

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Volume 001, Issue 001 [Aug. 12th, 2006|08:52 pm]
Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter


- matitablu drew 4 pieces of Emma Frost pictures. (Rated G - PG, X-Men)
- mad_reflections drew "Victor (Anole) & Teddy". (Rated PG, Young Avengers)

- red_eft drew Koriand'r/Starfire. (Not Worksafe, Adam & Eve)

- shadowhuntress photomanipulated Superman and Batman. (Rated G)

- kathrynthegr8 wrote Part 6 & 7 of "Harbinger". (Rated R, Logan/Rogue, X-Men Movieverse)
- moral_mark wrote "Bad Idea". (Not Rated, Victor/Nico, Runaways)
- odyssey01 wrote a fic and drew several pieces of art. (Rated G - PG-13, Various, Young Avengers)
- fullmetal_cute wrote "Adventures in Babysitting". (Not Rated, Victor/Molly, Runaways)
- deep_salt_water wrote "Regret". (Rated PG, Wolverine/Rogue, X-Men Movieverse)

- bistyboo1974 wrote Part 15 of "Life Belongs to the Living". (Rated PG-13, Lois/Clark, Superman Returns)
- caiusmajor wrote "Blind Date". (Not Rated, Piper, Trickster, and Azrael)
- caiusmajor also wrote "Not Without His Match". (Rated , Eel/Matches, Batman)
- merfilly wrote "Coaxing the Canary". (Rated NC-17, Oracle/Dinah Lance, Birds of Prey)
- no_no_no_yesyes wrote "Fangirl". (Rated PG-13, Cissie/Cassie, Young Justice)

- likeicare031 posted 2 Superman Returns videos.

- owned13 has an Emma Frost femslash challenge. (X-Men)
- worlds_finest has Challenge #3. (Superman/Batman)
- xmen_icontest has Week 89 // Voting.

- x_hellfireclub (X-Men Darkfics)

- Wishful Thinking: A Logan/Jean Fanfic Fanlisting (X-Men)

- extreme_ash1121 posted 25 Aaron Stanford/Pyro icons. (X-Men Movieverse)
- katshakespeare posted 10 Superman Returns and 12 Lois & Clark icons.
- magnolia_simms posted multiple animated Batman and Justice League icons.
- xbellaxdivax posted 20 Jubilee, 22 Mystique, and 20 Nocturns icons. (X-Men)

- ancarett posted about IGN's screencaps of Superman Returns.
- sleepall_day posted multiple Aaron Stanford/Pyro images. (X-Men Movieverse)

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