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Volume 112, Issue 14 - Comic Store News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter

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Volume 112, Issue 14 [Jul. 29th, 2015|02:53 pm]
Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter


- whatthefuck1 posted a search for fic where Tony is a goofball.
- oodmoodfood posted a search for fics with villain Tony.
- tethyis posted a search for a fic with de-aged Loki and good Laufey.
- kira2127 posted a search for a Darcy/Tony fic where Tony replaces Darcy's coffee maker.

- digitalwave drew "The Spaces In Between". (Rated R, Steve/Bucky)

- navaan wrote "Duty Calls". (Rated G, Steve/Tony)
- inkvoices wrote "Palindromes". (Rated Explicit, Clint/Natasha)
- franztastisch wrote "the shorter story". (Rated M, Clint/Natasha)
- cap_ironman posted a round-up of stories for the Cap and Iron Man Tiny Reverse Bang Round 4: Disassemble. (Rated various)
- woadin wrote "A Stake in This Ground". (Rated Explicit, Steve/Tony 1872 verse)
- to_cry_about wrote "Happy Hour Is Here". (Rated Teen, Victor Creed, Logan, Birdy)
- entropy_house wrote "Captain America Breaks the Law". (Rated Teen, Steve/Tony)
- eustacia_vye wrote "Do You Wanna Die?" Part 1/4. (Rated NC-17, Loki/Natasha, Natasha/Bucky, Clint/Darcy)

- paynesgrey wrote "The Other Side of Lonely". (Rated M, Laurel/Cisco and ensemble)

Drabbles and Ficlets
- pony_express wrote "The Fear". (Rated PG, Harry Osborn)
- salmon_pink wrote "Pressured". (Rated R, Scott/Hope)

- comics_ic has posted Challenge #78: That Old Black Magic.
- comics_ic posted Challenge 77 icontest Winners.
- cap_ironman has Cap and Iron Man Tiny Reverse Bang Round 5: Earth has started.

- taras_song posted 654 Spider-Man icons.

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