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Volume 116, Issue 1 - Comic Store News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter

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Volume 116, Issue 1 [Nov. 4th, 2015|03:18 pm]
Comic Store News: A Comic Book Based Newsletter


- thayde_said posted a search for "The First" by only_veetee and "Red" by bellacosity (both Hellblazer).
- thayde_said posted search for a Dark Knight fic with summary.
- drelfina posted a search for a specific Matches Malone/Jason Todd fic.

- vikingprincess wrote "Letters to Steve" Part 3/8. (Rated G, Peggy Carter and ensemble)
- elyss_blair wrote "Unquiet Dreams". (Rated R, Pietro/Steve)
- findthesea wrote "my flaws are open season". (Rated G, Clint and Natasha)
- tielan wrote "But Not For Love". (Rated G, Maria Hill, Melinda May)
- enkanowen wrote "#spacehomos". (Rated Mature, Loki/Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill, Thor)
- windfallswest wrote "Rattling Good History". (Rated NC-17, Kaine Parker/Vance Astrovik)
- msbarrows wrote "Assets and Debts" with art by Knowmefirst. (Fic rated PG-13, Art rated G, Clint Barton/Laura Barton, Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov, impled Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Cooper Barton, Lila Barton, Nate Barton)
- meatball42 wrote "Spotter". (Rated G, Clint, Natasha, Team, Coulson)

- the_diggler wrote "Time Cannot Erase". (Rated Mature, Superman/Batman)

- comics_ic posted Challenge #84 winners.
- flarrow_stills posted Challenge #32 winners.
- comics_ic has started Challenge #85: Ship, Ship, Ship.
- flarrow_stills has started Challenge #33: Supergirl (pilot).

- ladymercury_10 posted Wonder Woman icon.
- vapor posted Natasha/Loki and Steve/Bucky icons.
- emmatheslayer posted Roy/Cupid and Steve/Loki icons.
- harlequinss_s posted Supergirl icons.
- wandererjulia posted Bucky/Steve, Steve/Peggy and Darcy/Bucky icons.
- starkwars posted Supergirls icons.
- rashiea posted Catwoman/Batman, Jean/Scott, Black Widow/Hawkeye and Pepper/Tony icons.
- clarahow posted Daniel/Peggy, Nyssa/Sara, Steve/Tony and Felicity/Oliver icons.
- everythingshiny posted Supergirl icons.
- harlequinss_s posted Steve/Natasha icons.

- fandom_forever posted Agents of SHIELD 3x05 screencaps.

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