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Volume 129, Issue 9

- [personal profile] dirty_diana posted a rec for "Karolina Colors", fanart by cakes (Rated G, Karolina Dean).
- [personal profile] dirty_diana posted a rec for "untitled Sanvers", fanart by tutumo (Rated SFW, Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer).

- anrym66 posted a search for fics where Steve has to give up everything for Bucky.
- sandia_spring posted a search for Loki/Tony fic where Loki is intersex.

- laglemon wrote "The Unexpected Purchase", a Big Bang with art by massive space wren. (Rated M, Steve/Tony)
- woadin wrote "Iconoclasts". (Rated Mature, Steve/Tony)
- chayaasi wrote "How To Fall In Love", a Big Bang with art by ssyn3 and thisphenomenalcage. (Fic rated Explicit, art rated PG, Tony/Pepper, Tony/Steve)
- veldeia wrote "To See What Lies Beyond", a Big Bang with art by Angel. (Rated General, Steve/Tony)
- mozzarellaroses wrote "Sa Dilim Ng Gabi", a Big Bang with art by Marina. (Rated PG, Steve/Tony)
- disco_pinecone wrote "Anti-Establishment". (Rated Teen, Steve/Tony)
- emeraldine087 wrote "Abstinence Is Not In Tony Stark's Dic(K)Tionary", a Big Bang with art by meereswiederkaeuer. (Fic rated Explicit, art rated General, Steve/Tony)
- bradygirl_12 wrote "The Sisterhood Of The Ruby Stilettos XIII: Thankful ". (Rated G, Natasha/Pepper)

- zolac_no_miko wrote "Important Scientific Contributions". (Rated G, Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson)

- cap_ironman has started a new round of the Cap Iron Man Flash Fanworks challenge: Not What It Looks Like.

- erinm_4600 posted Flash icons.

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