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Volume 130, Issue 1

- arrow_tv posted episode discussion post for Legends of Tomorrow 2x07, the conclusion of the crossover.
- [personal profile] fresh_brainss posted a creator rec for the work of salmon_pink, including MCU and Spider-Man fic.

- anglhededhpstr posted a search for a fic where Steve and Tony are friends with benefits but it's not working out.
- pupeez4eva posted a search for fics with Dick Grayson when he was a police officer.
- ladyhatshepsut posted a search for fics about regular SHIELD employees after the fall of SHIELD.
- kasey1939 posted a search for a fic where the Avengers watch the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

- cap_ironman posted "Old Friends" fanworks roundup. (Rated various, Steve/Tony)

- cap_ironman posted a round-up of monthly Cap Iron Man fanworks for November.
- disco_pinecone posted Bingo blackout masterpost. (Rated various, Steve/Tony)
- avocadolove wrote "Enemy at the Gates", a Big Bang with art by fictionforlife. (Fic rated Mature, art rated General, Steve/Tony)
- sandrasfisher wrote "Road to Recovery", a Big Bang with art by knowmefirst. (Fic rated R, art rated G, Clint/Nat, Phil/Lana(OFC))
- disco_pinecone wrote "Sex on the Beach". (Rated Mature, Steve/Tony)
- cap_ironman posted "Old Friends" fanworks roundup. (Rated various, Steve/Tony)
- paleogymnast wrote "10,000 Miles From Home", a Big Bang with art by red_r_rackham. (Fic rated M, art rated PG-13, Laura Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Lila Barton, Cooper Barton, Nathaniel Pietro Barton, Hope van Dyne, Nakia (Dora Milaje), with background appearances/mentions of background Cassie Lang, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Scott Lang, T’Challa, Hope van Dyne, Cassie Lang, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, Tony Stark, and background Clint/Laura)
- dapanach wrote "A World Apart", a Big Bang with art by redpepperink and Caz. (Fic rated M, art rated T, Steve/Tony)

- bradygirl_12 wrote "A Star on the Beach". (Rated G, Jonathan/Martha)
- geckoholic wrote "Like Drowning in the Desert". (Rated NC-17, Dick/Jason)

- agentofshieldbb has all the info on Round 4 of the Agents of SHIELD big bang.
- fan_flashworks has a new challenge: Square.
- larielromeniel linked a Captain Canary Secret Santa on tumblr.

- magical_sid posted Guardians of the Galaxy icons in a multi-fandom post.
- sininferno posted Arrow, iZombie and Guardians of the Galaxy icons in a multi-fandom post.
- word_never_said posted MCU icons.
- setentpet posted Constantine icons.

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