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Volume 130, Issue 3

- laireshi posted the first official Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer.

- cap_ironman posted next weekly chat details.
- be_compromised posted December news.
- lot_fans posted Legends of Tomorrow episode 2x08 discussion.
- __marcelo posted commentary on Batman #12 and the text of the letter from Bruce to Selina in the comic.
- [personal profile] dirty_diana posted a rec for "Peggy's Pocket Problems" by TeaAndATale. (Rated Teen, Peggy/Steve, Howling Commandos).
- [personal profile] dirty_diana posted a rec for the fanvid "Brother" by mrseclipse555. (Rated sfw, John Diggle & Oliver Queen)

- iwishihadapenny posted a search for fics featuring a teenage Peter Parker.
- pupeez4eva posted a search for fic where people think Peter is older than he is.
- greasergirlalex posted a search for a fic where Tony Stark looks for Ant-thony the ant and Civil War doesn't happen.
- aew14 posted a search for a Steve/Bucky one-shot with their bachelor parties and wedding.
- hariennephantom posted a search for a fic where Tony has autism and does physical training with Clint and Steve.

- laireshi wrote "Downwards, Ever Faster", a Big Bang with art by sleepyoceanprince. (Rated Teen, Steve/Tony)
- laireshi wrote "Protect, Defend, Avenge", a Big Bang with art by ranoutofrun and rai-kishi. (Rated Teen, Steve/Tony)
- bradygirl_12 wrote "The Soldier And The Scientist XI: “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Steve Rogers!!!” :) ". (Rated G, Steve/Tony, Natasha/Pepper, Clint/Phil )

- fan_flashworks has a new challenge: Naked.

- iwillnotdance posted 60 iZombie icons in a multi-fandom post.

- hptr_fangirl posted cover of Green Arrow #12.
- daylightfire posted Legends of Tomorrow photo from Caity Lotz's twitter.

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