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This is a CLOSED COMMUNITY. To read Comic Store News, please click here to add it as a friend. Do NOT attempt to join as only editors may be members of the community.

Welcome to comicstore_news, a daily newsletter dedicated to the LJ community for comic book based fandoms and other fandoms that are featured extensively in comic stores. Movie, tv, and cartoon versions of comic book fandoms will be covered unless they have a separate newsletter (i.e. Smallville). This community was inspired by hogwarts_today and jedi_news.

To point us towards any news (comic news, movie news, tv news, creator news, fic, icons, discussion/meta, rants, questions, polls, reviews, fic searches, communities, websites, etc.), whether it be your own or someone else's, just comment on the most recent entry and it will most likely get linked either in the next issue, or it will be edited into the current issue.

Any questions you have may be asked over in the comments of any post.

Header policy
Fanfiction headers make compiling comicstore_news easier. A good fanfic header would include title, rating, fandom and pairings or character/s. Spoiler warnings for new material or solicits are also helpful. A useful fanfic header looks something like this:

Pairing or character/s:
Word Count:

We do not link fanfiction posts that do not have a title, rating and pairing. For art posts, we require at least the name of the characters and a rating.

If you'd like to be an editor or back-up editor, please visit the FAQ post. Even if there's no editor positions left, we're always looking for back-up editors.

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* To contact any editor regarding general comicstore_news questions or concerns, please email comicstorenews@gmail.com.
* To contact any of the other editors directly, leave a comment on their latest entry or email them from their user info.

Newsletter Affiliates
jedi_news - Star Wars Fandom

* Please note that we may link to content unsuitable for those under 18. We will try our best to clearly label content containing adult/NC-17 material.
* As we are handling multiple fandoms, we will not warn for spoilers -- that is up to the individual who posted whatever we link. Be aware that spoiler material may be posted here.
* comicstorewatch is our watcher journal. If we've not friended someone or something who you think we should have, please comment to the latest entry to this community and we'll look into it. Our DW watcher journal is [personal profile] comicstorewatch and we watch Tumblr via http://comicstorenews.tumblr.com/
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